Happy New Year Romantic Wishes | SMS | Messages 2022

Happy new year to one and all mates and friends here are the romantic new year wishes for your girlfriend/wife/lover and close and loved ones. Have the great year 2015 and wish you a very happy new year 2015. Share these romantic Wishes and this will be the most awesome year for you all.   wish you find a suitable caring boyfriend this year. These messages will warm up your relationship and bond with your friends and relative. As you watch the new year celebration and fireworks with joy and happiness, the receiver of this message will be filled with warmness and happiness to you. Be it your life partner, your relative, family member or your friends, I am sure they will find this message as an inspiration to the new year.


I sincerely wish you find a lady suited for you this year.
May the almighty bless you with a spouse who fits your mentality this New Year.
I wish you and your husband conjugal bliss and happiness this year.
I wish you come across a suitable partner at this year’s prom bash!
I wish you find a nice girl to date in high school this year.
I wish you come across that cute ex-teacher at some social gathering this year.
Happy New Year Darling !!!

Let us dance and dine.
This New Year is more special because it is celebrated with you!

This year marks another milestone in our life.
I cannot imagine how long we have been enjoying each other’s company.
May we stay in love for the rest of our lives!

Happy New Year!


It is fun to live a life with you.
Celebrating New Year is always special because I know that we have another 365 days to be together.

I love you and Happy New Year!

Let us light this candle and pray that our relationship will grow stronger with Christ as our center.
Let us celebrate New Year!

It is better to celebrate New Year simply with the person you love than celebrate it extravagantly with the person you do not love. I am happy to be with you!

With my man on my side.
New Year gives us a chance to renew our love for each other.
We may have been through a lot during the past year, but still we remained together.
I hope that this year, we will live each day one day at a time with less worry but with so much happiness.

Happy New Year!

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