Happy birthday for happy birthday mom! For happy birthday to my mom, I am really blessed to have a mom like you. Hope you all love and happy in your life with your beloved. Your words are always guidance, and your unconditional love is priceless to me.

When I was little, I had a birthday party that my mom organized. Everyone pitched in and did their part to make it fun. It was a big party with lots of food, games, a great cake, great decorations, and even presents for each child. This was my first birthday. The birthday cake was beautiful, the food was delicious, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. But this birthday was also the first day my mom stopped giving me birthday gifts.

I remember that day clearly, because I had a terrible nightmare when I went to wake up. It was snowing outside and cold, and my mom kept yelling at me to get busy, while running to get the mail, which usually took forever. So I got busy, trying to make her happy. While making myself happy, I guess I did some of the same things that I do on other days too. I ate too much, drank too much, fought with the mailman, and ran out of gas before I even hit the road.

That wasn’t the happy birthday card I got either. Instead of a happy birthday card from my mom, it was an angry black and white photo of her on the front with a caption of “My Dad Rocks!” My mom didn’t know that her husband was the author of the happy birthday card. Since I didn’t know either, I was hurt by the comment.

That’s when I decided to do something about it. I asked one of my best friend’s mothers who had also been married once, and she told me that her happy birthday mom had a picture of her in the same frame as the happy birthday mama card. So I went online to find out more about my mom’s happy birthday mom. After about forty minutes of looking, I found out that my happy birthday mom had two birthdays to thank and to celebrate. She told me about her happy birthday mom and I realized that there must be others like her.

So after I got back from my long walk, I went over to my dad’s house. I opened the door and there sitting in the chair was my mom happy birthday card from my father. She said that she had gotten the same card from her dad, so I knew I was supposed to be happy too. But I wasn’t because I was still sad that I hadn’t recognized my birthdays earlier. Now that I did, I wanted to show my mom that I was glad for her and that I really appreciated what she had done for me.

I showed my mom the card, and my dad just laughed. He said that he wished that I was a happy birthday mom, because that would make my day better. My mom was so happy that she just laughed out loud. This made me happy too, because I realized that there were other happy birthday cards that were nicer to look at than mine. After I went back home, my mom called me on the phone and thanked me for the card.

The next day, we celebrated my birthdays. Although I think that my dad should have sent a happy birthday card, I was happy that my mom honored me for my birthdays. It was hard for me to believe that people actually celebrated birthdays in general, but it is all part of life. There is nothing more special than being happy on your birthday. So I will always be happy to celebrate my happy birthday mamas!